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Nestor Falls Marine has all the new Alumarine boat models for 2010. Fishing boats to sport runabouts.

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Art and Performance. Together at last

Yes the E-TEC outboard engines are stunning to look at. But wait till you start them up. Even that critical first start is special; thanks to E-TEC technology, there is no annoying “break-in” period. It’s full-throttle right out of the box. And the unique profile – part of the radical Bombardier design – isn’t just for show, either; it results in an outboard that’s significantly lighter and more compact than bulky 4-strokes. E-TEC delivers world-class fuel efficiency, thanks to stratified combustion and a low friction drive containing no belts. No powerhead gears. No cams. No oil scraping rings. And no mechanized oil pump. Of course this engine delivers the kind of performance you’d expect from an Evinrude outboard – and then some.

Imagine a future without maintenance headaches. Evinrude E-TEC outboards require no scheduled maintenance – that’s right, none – for the first three years of normal recreational use. Not even gearcase lube. You’ll never have to change the oil or the oil filter. The E-TEC engines use 50% less oil than traditional direct injection engines and 75% less than typical 2-stroke carbureted engines. Maintenace? Forget about it. After all, this is the future.